Once upon a time, in the vibrant state of Arizona, there was a lovable marshmallow named Toasty. As he blazed from town to town, he immediately became the heart and soul of Toasted - a brand that has captivated hearts all across the state. With his soft and bouncy nature, Toasty is the embodiment of our brand's essence – a source of happiness, connections, and premium cannabis. And as the beloved face of Toasted, he embarks on thrilling adventures, weaving magic wherever he goes, hoping that you will join him. Toasty's explorations know no bounds, he does it all - the same way you want your cannabis to. He plays baseball, basketball, and golf with his friends, infusing every moment with his infectious energy. Even on a relaxing walk in the park, Toasty can be found connecting with others and spreading the warmth of his friendship.

Toasty loves gathering around the campfire, roasting marshmallows under the stars, joint in hand, and basking in the glow of memories. He embraces the serenity of yoga, finding balance and harmony to share with the world around him. But beyond his whimsical adventures, Toasty's charm extends to the hearts of everyone he encounters. In countless Arizona dispensaries, he has become a beloved figure, bringing people together and kindling a sense of belonging.

Toasty embodies the brand's core values – spreading happiness, fostering connections, and delivering premium cannabis experiences to all who seek them. His presence is a reminder that life is meant to be cherished, celebrated, and shared with friends, old and new. Through Toasty's journey, Toasted has flourished, becoming a beacon in the cannabis world. As customers across Arizona encounter Toasty's spirit and the delightful products, they embrace the essence of the brand as more than just a cannabis company – as a symbol of positivity and good vibes. And so, the story of Toasty and Toasted continues, with each adventure, bounce, and moment shared, Toasty remains the heart and soul of the brand – join him as he continues on this one of a kind journey.

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